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Rave Unity December 6th, 2013

RAVE UNITY back to the beginning - RAVE UNITY are proud to bring you our first event of many  "BACK TO THE BEGINNING" with some of the true legends of  our scene and the very best up'n'comming artist on the scene  today our mission is to bring back the real vibe in what we  believe in "PLUR" no egos or politics!   WE ARE RAVE UNITY HERE FOR THE LOVE OF OUR SCENE!!  LEGENDS OF Read More

Hardcore breakdown September 27th, 2013

So after a good talking to from some South Coast Ravers and a lot of thinking it was decided (by me) to host one more HARDCORE BREAKDOWN in 2013.   However things have been done a little differently this time. Seeing as it's HB Resident and Co-promoter Mike Vapours 50th birthday (at least he acts that  old) that weekend I have put aside my control issues and allowed him to put together the line  up that he wants for Read More

Stomp! Move Your Ass! November 8th, 2013

Thanks to everyone who came along to our Summer Spec-tash-ular event and made it our best yet! You guys were awesome and created a proper rave atmosphere to be proud of! Now, it's time to "put a donk-ey on it" as we bring you another round of hoofin' Hardcore shenanigans, Stomp style!!   This is a charity event for our friends at the Donkey Sanctuary Leeds to help them in their work caring for mistreated donkeys Read More

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