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Raving News 1996


Are you sitting comfortably, I’ll begin.

We are all having a conflab, in the office as we are going into September 1996, wondering where the Summer has gone. We’ve had the odd few days of sunshine, but no—where near enough and the Summer has been really busy for us all, organizing our 2 Massive Summer Sell Party’s, The Discovery and Energy. Plus we have finally finished our new range of Merchandise, which we are all extremely pleased with. Check out all the new designs as they are excellent. Mail Order is now available, see back of the new Flyer and various shops around the Country will be stocking all of the new range soon. Well, onto Energy, Saturday 10 August 1996, another Sell—Out Event, what a Party. Thanks for all the hundreds of calls and letters we’ve received at the office congratulating us. There were a couple of things that we weren’t happy with. First of all the rain. Who’d of thought that it was going to rain in the middle of Summer. If this put a ‘damper’ on your night — Sorry, but it was totally out of our control. The queuing into the Venues was worse this time, than it will ever be again. The reason being, Sanctuary Security had contracted another Security Company in on the night to help them. These Security had not worked at Dance Events before and had just turned up on

‘ the night and been given jobs to do. The Promoter, David Pratley, actually had strong words with a few of these guys because things were not being dealt with in a polite and professional manner. From now on, a condition for all Helter Skelter Events at The Denbeigh Leisure Park is that a meeting, 1 hour prior to the Event starting on the night, will be held with The Promoters, The Venue Owners and all of the Security to explain the nature of the Event and to enforce the policy of politeness and courtesy to all our customers. All Security personnel will have an individual number, so if you feel you

have been treated unfairly, take a note of the Security persons number, and contact us at the office after the Event and we will look into the matter. All in all the Sanctuary Security are good guys and they are there to protect you.

Now on to The Odyssey, which is to take place on Saturday 26 October 1996. A Journey of Epic Proportion, which is from September 1989 to Present Date. Who would of thought we would of been here 7 years down the road, organizing what we genuinely believe, the best Party’s our Scene has seen to date. In the region of over 60 Events and, for your information, 36,000 minutes of Dance Events. Not a lot of people know that! One of the new fun-fair attractions is a brand new attraction coming in from Germany costing over ½ Million Pounds. As long as it’s finished in time, it is contracted to Helter Skelter for our next Event. As always, we will have a lot of surprises and the main surprise for this Event is that we will be moving the Legendary Technodrome from upstairs in the Sanctuary and have it situated into another

. part of the Denbeigh Leisure Park. So you will see the Technodrome like you have never seen it before? This is our last Event before the end of the year and it will Sell—Out, so please get your Tickets early. Also as you can see on the inside of the Flyer, to coincide with our 7th Year of partying, we will be releasing a joint 3 release Album Project entitled THE ANNUAL. All three Albums will be released on November 4th and will be available from H.M.V., Virgin, Our Price and all our usual Outlets. Album One — Hardcore, will be D.J.Dougall mixing the best classic tracks of the year and D.J.Slipmatt will be mixing the finest selection of up front Hardcore around at the moment.

Album Two - Techno, will be D.J.Clarkee mixing the best classic tracks of the year and The Producer will be mixing the finest selection of up front Techno around at the moment.

Album Three - Drum and Bass, will be D.J.Hype mixing the best classic tracks of the year and D.J.Randall will be mixing the finest selection of up front Drum and Bass around at the moment.

All three Albums reflect the last year of Partying and hold so many memories for us, as I am sure they will for you all as well.

By the time you receive this Newsletter, we would of staged our second Event at Club Kinetic, The Leisure Bowl, Stoke—on—Trent, on Friday 20 September 1996. There will be a limited edition Hardcore 6 pack and a Technodrome

6 pack available from selected Outlets and Mail Order. Call us at the office for more details.

We hope to see you on October 26th, for The Odyssey. Best Regards from everybody here, See you soon.


Club Kinetic

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