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Cor Blimey, would you Adam & Eve it, Human Nature on Saturday 6 June 1998. is our 21 Event at the Den beigh Leisure Complex in \iilton Keynes. When we think back to the amount of Events we have done at Milton Keynes and all the fond memories and the excellent times we’ve had, it seems unbelievable that we are still going stronger than ever, 21 Events down the line.

But before we get onto that we would just like to thank everybody who attended The Outer Limits on Saturday 21 March. We thought it was an excellent Event. All in all everything went really well. Lenny Dee got over OK from New York and said he really really, enjoyed playing, saying its one of the best places he’s played at in the I T We had to swop the times around of D.J. Rap, Darren Jay,

— D.J. SS and D.J. Hype, so that they could all play, hut other than that we had a splendiferous night. We had such a good response with the special Sale we had on the night for all Merchandise and Tapes. We have had people calling us thanking us for hold in the Sale, we’ve also had people calling us saying they did not realise this Sale would be on when tlwv were at the Event. As a token of appreciation of your valued support, at Human Nature, the next Event, we will be holding another Sale for all Jackets, Sweats and Tapes for that night only.

On to Saturday 6 June 1998, you are cordially invited to Ii an Nature our second multi-arena Event of the year - see enclosed flyer. Everybody in the office were sat down having a conflab about this the other day and we worked a few things out. Did you realise that over 106,000 people have partied with Helter Skelter at the Den beigh Leisure Complex in the last five years, of which, in that time, there have been over 680 D.J. Sets played, playing 5,400,000 beats during that time. In which time there has been nearly half a million bottles of water guzzled, 36,000 ice pops and 24,000 oranges given away. Did you realise, within our promotions over the last five years, we have given out 3,600,000 flyers. Not a lot of people know this! And we just thought it would be a bit of trivial information that might interest you a special thank you to all our loyal followers, there will be 500 complimentary Tickets enclosed in this Mailout. This is genuine. If there is a Ticket in your

- - Mailout it can be used to gain entry to our Event FREE. If you can’t make it, please pass this Ticket on to a friend.

As you may or may not know, Eternity & Dream Dance magazine are no longer with us. Over the last 2 or 3 years, we have considered M8 to be along side the leading Dance Publications. If you fancy a good read on all aspects of the Dance Scene, then we propose you buy M8. It comes out around about the middle of each month.

You may of noticed on the flyer, that Monday 8 June is the official release date for our new Album, The Masters a Work Dance Series Volume H, compiled and mixed by six of the UK’s very best D.J.

- Producers, Slipmatt & Force & Styles Back 2 Back, M. Zone, Billy Bunter, Vinyigroover & D.J. Sy Back to Back, with over three and a half hours of the very latest Hardcore Anthems, including unreleased Dub Plates not yet scheduled for release and many exclusive re-mixes not available on any other compilation. So pre-order now to guarantee first copies available and check it out.

Finally, I would just like to mention, we do know that cars got broken into at our last Event. We are gutted about this as we personally employ extra Security to patrol all Car Parking Areas. We have had a meeting with Sanctuary Security and Management and we are making every effort to solve this problem for the next Event.

That’s about is for now, we hope to see you on .June 6 at Human Nature. Take Care, Have a good one,



Attention all Helter Skelter supporters. A big thanks to each and every one of you for making Human Nature such a big success. We had a lot of calls from people saying they would not be able to attend due to all the studying that was going on around the country due to the exams. So we hope everyone did well with their G.C.S.E’s and A Levels. I bet your glad that’s out of the way.
Well, all the people who missed Human Nature, you missed a wicked party. We had one shower of rain for 15 minutes. It tried to rain three or four times throughout the night but it never did. The shower did not seem to bother anyone anyway as with the spirit and the vibe, everyone was there to party.
All the DJ’s turned up and played on time except for Force & Styles who could not attend due to unforeseen circumstances, and DJ Hixxy stood in and played a rather cool Old Skool set that went down really well. MC’s, GQ & Stevie Hyper D did not turn up. We were informed a day before the event that they were out of the country. MC Fearless & Warren 0 replaced them and did a fme job. Stevie Hyper D & GQ have been booked for our next event and we have been assured that they will turn up. So all in all we had a really good night and hope you did to. I must give a big shout to everyone who sent us postcards from the event. What did you think of the postcard stall ? Good idea, don’t you think?
Oh well, on to our next event, which is to take place on Friday l7 July 1998 at The Void, Glass Street. Hanley, Stoke on Trent, This event will be our first Club tour since last years Sign of the Times in Birmingham. The Void was chosen for the characteristics of the venue and the quality of the club. If you would like to join us, there are tickets available at limited outlets around the country or you can buy tickets on our normal Credit card Hotline number or if there are any tickets available, you can pay on the door on the night. Ticket price is £13.00 + £1.00 booking fee & doors open from 8 pm until 2.30 am. If there is not a flyer enclosed in this mailout and you are interested in coming, give us a call at the office.
On Saturday 8 August 1998 you are invited to our next Multi - Arena event, Energy “98”. A major gathering of artists, DJ’s and MC’s for a Dance Music spectacular from the much acclaimed and very highly rated Energy series. Energy “98” is to celebrate the anniversary of our biggest outdoor event of this decade, Energy “97”, The Carnival of Dance, see enclosed flyer. As you will see from the flyer, we are re-introducing the up and coming DJ arena, so if you think you’ve got what it takes, send us a tape in, you never know. Energy “98” promises to be our best event this year by far. Please buy your ticket early as this event will sell out. For ticket availability right up to the day of the event you can call us on 01295 721640. If you are interested in running a mini-bus or coach, please call Fiona at the office on the above number for discounts available.
If you have ordered any old Tape packs and they have been out of stock, we have now got new stocks in and they are available by Mail Order.
We would just like to thank, the tens of thousands of people who have attended our events over the years, for their valued support, for you have all made Helter Skelter what it is today. Thanks again, hopefully see you on August 8

Penny, David & Crew.

P.S. Check out our new album. The Masters @ Work Dance Series, Volume II. See enclosed flyer, it’s on sale now.


Hi everyone
Just wondering if you have all recovered from Energy 98. “The Dance Sensation That Rocks The Nation’ were certainly the right words to describe what we thought was our most kicking event this year. There was a happy, Summer feel and if you were one of the many thousands of Party People who attended our Energy Event last year you will know what I mean. The atmosphere at Turweston was never to be forgotten, and on this years wonderful Summer evening the mood was set for a full on Helter Skelter Party.
We all sit and talk amongst ourselves in the office and we have noticed the reports in the magazines about club Culture taking a battering this year and how the numbers of party goers is slowly going down. We have been on the Dance Scene for almost a decade and there are not many promoters who can say that. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you again for your continued support over the years. We want you to know that we still put the same 110% into our Party’s now as we did when we first started holding Events at The Sanctuary and its Thanks to your faith and dedication that Helter Skelter can still deliver the Ultimate Warehouse Party to Rock The Nation.
Back to Energy 98. If you were there, you will know what a massive Party it was. The only person I recall who couldn’t make it was MC Magika, who missed his flight back from Germany, so we hope nobody was too disappointed. As some of you may be aware, Stevie Hyper D was also booked to appear but sadly passed away in July and a massive show of respect was noted on the evening with a moments silence across the Arena’s. We would also like to send our respects to friends and family of MC Ruff and G. E. Real, who also passed away recently.
Well, it’s Birthday time again, our Ninth for those still counting. We’ll be celebrating in the usual style with our last Multi Arena Event before the end of the year, with “TIMELESS”, to be held on Saturday 31 October 1998. If you remember our Birthday Bash last year. you may know that there is always a special atmosphere at our Birthday Events and its our way of saying we are still here, alive and kicking, and as always, set to give you everything you deserve, with the best the Dance Scene has to offer.
We always look forward to celebrating our Birthday, and the last three or so have been really exceptional. Our Ninth should prove to be another sell our success. If you want to join us at “TIMELESS”, please be sure to get your tickets early to avoid any disappointment, it will definitely be one you won’t want to miss.
By now you would have had a chance to hear our last compilation, the Masters Work Volume II, which was a huge success and here’s the news you have all been waiting for. Masters @ Work volume Ill, featuring more well up front dubs and exclusive remixes, along with the freshest cuts available around today. It will be released on Monday 2 November 1998.
As you may or may not know, we did our first Club tour night recently at The Void and there are now Limited Edition 8 packs available from this night, check the flyer for details. The Tape Packs from Energy 98 are now available Nation Wide and by Mail Order, which include a Hardcore 12 pack, a Drum & Bass 8 pack, a Techno 8 pack and a Video from the Event. There are also two 8 packs currently available featuring the best of the best in Old Skool, recorded mainly from Energy 98 and our previous Event, Human Nature, but they also include rare Limited Edition classic Old Skool sets of days gone by. So be sure to complete your collection and relive the classic Helter Skelter experience.
You can find all the details of “TIMELESS”, on the enclosed flyer as well as new items available on our up dated Merchandise catalogue. All Merchandise on the flyer will be on Sale at “TIMELESS”.
If you are interested in running a coach or minibus to this or any other Event, please give Fiona a call at the office for details of discounts available. We are doing a special offer on Tape from previous Events. See the form on the bottom of this newsletter.
Hope to see you on Saturday 31 October. Nice speaking to your all, so until next time



Are you sitting comfortably, then we shall begin. Big shout out to each & everyone, this being the last newsletter of the year. I hope I can inform you of all the news that is happening & has been happening at the Helter Skelter Organisation on this page.
Firstly, Timeless celebrating nine years of quality Dance Events for a Timeless Party Generation. The demand for tickets for this Event was unbelievable. The Event had 95% sold out two weeks before, with people driving from one end of the country to the other to pick up the last few available tickets. There is always something special about our Birthday Events, this one being no exception. Ve were all really concerned about the weather the week before & as you know we did have rain on the night with it clearing up around one o’clock in the morning & then it was dr for the rest of the night with the Event finishing on a nice fine & bright Sunday Morn. If you were unable to get tickets for Timeless, we are sorry, as you missed ne of our best Events of the year. We had a couple of alterations in the MC/DJ Line up. MC MC was out of the U.K. touring with Adam F, Randall & Mickey Fin were booked & confirmed when the flyer went to print but we were informed one week before the Event that they would not be attending as Randall was in Canada, so D.J. Ron replaced him & Mickey Fin was in Germany so Andy C replaced him. But all in all, an excellent night was had by all attending.
The Helter Skelter Technodrome tour. On Friday 4 December 1998, Helter Skelter will touch down with the official Technodrome Tour Night at The Void, Glass Street, Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent, at the home of NORTH, the north’s premier Techno Organisation. D.J.’s on the night to include Jay Prescott, Clarkee, Loftgroover, Mark E.G., M. Zone, Live P.A. Molecular, Scorpio, Producer, Stig, Guste, Vice Versa, Vortex., dolphin, Ramos, Marco Cucehi, M.C’s Ribbz, Squidgy B, E’zy. There are limited ticket outlets or for guaranteed entry call us at the office on 01295 721640 to be placed on a guaranteed entry list. If you are interested in attending & there is not a flyer in this mailout, give us a call.
Right, onto New Years Eve, see enclosed flyer. The Final Countdown 1998-1999. Everybody seems to of got Millennium fever going on about the turn of the Century & that they can’t wait until the year 2000. All that will come in good time, but what about this New Year. We invite everybody to join us this New Years Eve for a very historic occasion, to bring in the final New I’ear of the 20 Century. This is the last time within our history that this will ever happen, as from the 1” of January 1999, so begins The Final Countdown to the Millennium. Please note that there will be no Breaking New Talent Arena at our New Year Eve Event as we an not get access to this Arena until 9 p.m. which allows us no time to set it up. We have been having ‘phone calls about this Event since September, so get your ticket early to guarantee entry as Tickets are on a first come, first serve basis. Please remember that December is one of the coldest months of the year so wrap up warm in the queue on the night. We will be employing extra security for searching everybody, so everybody will not have to queue for very long & so everybody can be in well before midnight, so we can all see the New Year in together. There will be a Helter Skelter Merchandise stall on site, selling a full range of Merchandise & Accessories on the night.
Also find enclosed our new Merchandise flyer with all of the Videos & Tape Packs from past Events. Its still nice to play the old packs to see how the musical styles of the D.J.’s has changed & progressed throughout the sears. Our new Album, Masters d, Work Dance Series, Volume III, Dance Energy, is now on sale throughout the U.K.- so check it out. If you are interested in attending any of our Events by coach & there is not a coach pick up point in your area, please ring 0976 163528 & they may be able to help to organise a pick up point for you. As with all coach couriers to our Events, please book well in advance to reserve your place. The nearest Train Station, Bletchley Central, is a five minute walk from the Venue. For more information the British Rail National Hot Line Number is 0345 484950.
I am going to sign off now as I am running out of room. From everybody here at the Helter Skelter Organisation, many thanks to the many, many thousands of party people that have given us their support & helped us to continue to reach new levels in All Night Dance Party history. To see so many people come together six times this year, all on the same level is unbelievable. A very big thank you to you all.
Have a good Christmas and hopefully we will see you on New Years Eve.


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