test Billy Bunter Interview

Billy Bunter Interview


Your on and off style diet has often been doing the opposite of your musical career, you look quite fit at the moment. Is this really the worst music you have ever made?

Yeah, I find it really hard to concentrate on more then a few thing’s at once, you know what it’s like, playing a few records at the weekend can be really punishing and such hard work, so topped with the 110% commitment to looking beautiful, sadly the music I have been making with you has suffered.

Lee James used to have a great Rebel MC vinyl cover, it was suggested that Roosta is Rebel MC, is this true and why hasn't he recorded any vocals for you yet?

Roosta keeps the whole Rebel MC Thing low key, his friends know the real truth, but he doesn’t like to make it public. One day the truth may come out, and it may be in the form of him rapping over one of his tracks, until then the mystery continues

Last time you were at my house and I made you make hardcore to pay off your royalty debt, you threw a wooden chair in the garden from the driveway, and what do you think should be the equivalent action when I visit your house? Can I throw the dog?

Yeah, please except my apologies for that, I didn’t realise it was an antique. It was just there waiting to be lobbed, and you knew it, you was just gutted you didn’t think of it. You’re welcome to throw both dogs if you want, the yapping things do my F***IN head in.

Although I coined the phrase tedious, you seem to have stolen the phrase and repeated it at me many times (ironically). Despite this, people take a shine to you, why?

You can be quite tedious though cant you, do you enjoy it when I stroke you in the studio? Not sure why people take a shine to me, they may liken me to Paddington bear, I know there is a few who don’t like me as well, maybe they don’t get the Paddington bear vibe.

While at a party in Australia, you seemed to lose focus on DJ'ing and instead insisted on cuddling the basin and ejecting your food into it, have you tried this tactic at other clubs and how has this gone down with the punters?

For some reason I seem to hold it down in the U.K, these things only seem to happen when I go abroad. It goes down great with the punters though, instead of cuddling each other out on the dance floor, we all get stupidly shit faced and cuddle the toilets, I told em it’s all the rage in the UK and that Mix Mag (obviously being on the pulse of cutting edge) are going to run a front page special on it. The promoters don’t seem to mind either; I seem to recall them instigating the whole thing.

I only own 7 hardcore records, however, you own more than that. Do you think anybody will notice that you keep playing the same set at hardcore raves?

I don’t think that’s the point, the real thing people should be concerned about is the fact that after playing the same happy hardcore set for 10 years, I still aint learned to mix em properly. Seriously though, the dance floor loves the old Bunter classics, and once you have had 15 to 20 mc’s over ya 45 minute set no one notices what you’re playing any way. I once played higher love by JDS for the whole 45 minutes and every one on the internet said I played set of the night. Proof is in the pudding, sounds like you have the wrong 7 hardcore records, are they all by CLSM by any chance?

You have a problem with something until you get it right (vinyl’s, promoting, shouting at forklift truck drivers). Is there anything else you want to do within the music business?

Yes, promote Chas & Dave night’s in and around North London & Hertfordshire, for those who don’t know I LOVE Chas & Dave, and for those who don’t know who Chas & Dave are, they are the bolloxs, timeless classics such as - Gertcha, More rabbit then sainsburys, down to Margate, Snooker loopy, Chas & Dave’s jamboree cockney knee’s up ….. Classics!!! To all people who send me demo’s and I don’t listen to them, except my apologies I am to busy listening to Chas & Dave’s greatest hit’s.

If you were not in music, what would you be doing apart from shouting "Here ya go, warna ave summa that"?

There is actually only 2 things out side of music I can do and I done them before I was DJ’ing, and that’s working on the markets, so I would still be saying - "Here ya go, warn ave summa that", and something I cant mention in which I would still be saying - "Here ya go, warn ave summa that", as long as I can get by in life by saying "Here ya go, warn ave summa that" then I will always be happy.

What is the scariest moment you have had in a club? (knives and crackheads?)

Funnily enough back in the day end of 92 early 93 when the rave scene went a bit dark, there was a few things I saw whilst out dj’ing, normally involving crack heads carrying knives, wanting to get on the mic to mc, it was pretty traumatising, the knives and crack weren’t so bad (actually quite enjoyable), but the mc’ing could leave you a bit scared mentally for a few weeks, sometime months after the incident.

We are playing 3 back to back set’s @ Tasty this Saturday night, no doubt you are planning to do as little as possible while I do all the work, was this your intention?

Yes I kind of figured I can give you all my favourite records to play, while I go and cuddle the toilets with various new friends I meet through out the night. It looks like we are in for a big one, and as long as I give you the right records to play and don’t go near the decks we shouldn’t have a problem, and the party should go off - Is your mixing tight at the moment?





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