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Happy New Year to everyone. Another year of exciting one-off Helter Skelter Events coming your way.
Well, what can we say, with the mad panic on the n up to New Years Eve. We were a bit wonied with the weather, as with the last 2 Events we have had rain towards the end of the night. We actually woke up, at the office, in Banbuiy, on New years Eve with snow on the ground But luckily enougji, nearly everybody arrived safely and in good spirits. We were told that on the night of New Years Eve in Milton Keynes, it was the coldest night recorded for over 10 years. Also, while we are on the subject, we had a lot of people turning up just wearing little tops and thin shirts. Please make sure that you wrap up if you attend our Events in the Winter months as you will have to queue to gain enty. But all in all, at least it was a dry night. We have been told by all our Outlets that Helter Skelter was the first Event to sell out in the U.K. We actually sold out of tickets in the office at the beginning of December - three weeks before the Event. Many thanks to everybody who supported us last year and who managed to get tickets and help us bring in the New Year in style. We are sony to the thousands of people who couldn’t get tickets, but tickets were on a first come, first serve basis, as with all our Events. A few things that we were not happy with on the thght was that Rollers opened half an hour late at 8.30 p.m. and we did not get the sound on in the Technodrome until 9.00 p.m. This was because the sound company could not get to us the night before because of the bad weather and had to set off the next morning which made them a bit late. The Sony Play Stations did not arrive, again due to bad weather conditions. With the cloakrooms, we were disappointed with people having to queue outside to put their coats away and the cloakrooms being fill so early. We have since had a meeting with the Sanctuary Management and what’s planned for our first Event this year is to have a marquee outside which people can go into, out of the cold and there will be ample room for everybody’s jackets.
All of the above was out of our control but the good points out-weigh the bad points by far. We hired extra Security to man all the Car Parks and to search people so that we could get cvwybody in well before Mid-Night. This proved to be money well spent because all of the queue was in by 10.00 p.m. All the D.J.’s turned up, except D. J. Seduction, who could not get from Skegness because the weather was so bad. Mickey Finn went to Germany so Swanee replaced him and M.C.-G.QwenttoCanadasoStevieHyperDsteppedinforhim. Butaflinall,thankstoallthe D.J’s who played for us New Years Eve and playing such good sets. They all done really well not to let us down on the night considering the weather.

On to our First Event this year - The Helter Skelter Anthology - As you can see by the enclosed flyer, Helter Skelter’s first hi-tech dance party festival of the year, is to be held on Saturday 15 March 1997. With such a fin filled 1996, what could we possibly do with 1997. Tnist us, we have many exciting ideas planned for you all this year. As long as you give us your loyalty and support, we will continue to deliver what you are used to from the Helter Skelter Organisation. You will notice a small rncTease in Ticket Price. lbs is due to ever increasing expenses. But now we can give you an extra DJ. in every Arena, plus extra free funfair attractions and extra in lighting and staging. As always we would ask you to purchase your tickets as early as possible for The Anthology, as the last 7 Helter Skelter Events have all sold out in advance, well before the Event. But you can call us at the office on 01295 721640 right up to the day of the Event for ticket availability in your area. We have changed our format of tape packs for our New years Eve Event as we are getting quite a few calls from people saying they didn’t like the different types of music mixed up in one pack. So now we have a Happy Hardcore 12 Pack, Drum & Bass 8 Pack, and Technodrome 8 Pack and of course the video which are on sale nation-wide in all ow independent Outlets.
We hope to see you on the 15 march, until next time - Take It Easy,



Hi everybody. With so much thats been happening since we were last in touch, that I don’t know where to begin, so I will kick off with The Helter Skelter Anthology on 15 March 1997. A massive respect for all of you that turned out in your thousands, and for helping us to start the year in fine style with such a wicked Party. Nice to hear from you all agón. I enjoy opening all your letters with your comments - good and occasionally bad. So stay in touch and w us your thoughts so that we know we are putting the right ingredients into each party. For The Anthology, D.J.s Hype and Randall and MC., (i.Q. were booked and confirmed for our Event, but unfortunately we were informed 3 weeks before, that they were playing at another Event called Meditation in Germany, so Jumping Jack Frost, Darren Jay and MC.. Stevie Hyper D replaced them and done a fine job too. And unfortunately Grooverider did not show as the turbo on his car blew up and he had to ring a very nice man to give him a lift home!
By the time you receive this newsletter you may still be able to catch our May Bank Holiday special - A Sign Of The Times - taking place on Sunday 4 May, 9p.m. till 6 am, at The Sanctuary U Digbeth Fligh Street Birmingham. For Ticket availability call us at the office on 01295 721640. 11th exciting new Venue has over 25,000 square feet of dance space and four dance areas within the building, all situated on different floors. Included are comfortable Chill-Out Rooms, Cinema, and V.I.P. Room and a Balcony overlooking the Main Arena. It has the biggest legal capacity in Binningham and has been voted Best New Dance Venue of the year and as its on a Bank Holiday Sunday, you still have Monday to Chill-Out, so check it out. The Venue is directly opposite Digbeth Coach Station.
Also we were recently nominated for the Kiss F.M. Dance Awards and some of you who were there on the night at Camden Palace may already know that Helter Skelter won Best Promoter Of The Year and Best Flyer. A big THANK YOU to everybody who voted for us. It truly made our week when we heard the news. Many thanks for your support, we couldn’t do it without you. Also could you please pencil in your Diary August 9th as Helter Skelter have been working on something special for the last 6 months and it happens on that date. Watch This Space!!!
On to The Strings Of Life on Saturday 7th June. You are cordially in to start summer with a smile
- Helter Skelter Style. As the planning and the ground work starts for every large Event we do, we all get excited in the office. Well, I speak for myselL as each E holds many fond memories for me as I am sure they must do for you as well. We will continue to set standards with extra lighting, production and staging throughout the complex as well as extra state of the art Fairground Attractions. We also have a few surprises planned on the thg check Flyer out for details. I know you don’t really have to be reminded but please buy your tickets early as recently all Helter Skelter Events have sold out in advance. But you can check ticket availability right up to the day of the Event on 01295 721640.
June 9th is the official release date for our new Album, The Masters @ Work Dance Series, Volume I. The Album features 54 of the very latest Hardcore Anthems, compiled by 6 of the U.K’s very best D.J,
- Producers with over three and a half hours of the latest Hardcore Anthems. This includes unreleased re-mixes and exclusive dub-plates made especially for the Masters t Work.
That’s about it for now. So I will sign off. We hope to see you on the 7th June. Take Care, All the best.



Hello everybody, Penelope here requesting for each and everyone of you to take some time out to read this very important newsletter, so keep your diary’s very close at hand.

But first on to the Strings Of Life, Saturday 7 June 1997. What a wicked Event. It was hectic and full on all night. A lot of people who have been calling says it’s definitely the best Event we’ve done at Denbeigh Leisure to date. All the D.J.’s turned up on time, no brake downs or double bookings for the boys this time. We were so lucky with the weather. We were sat here on the night before the Event, at the office, and it was pouring with rain, and we thought we were in for a wet one, but the ‘currant bun’ came out and looked after us all day. It makes such a difference when the weathers nice, even in the morning after the Event had finished everybody just stayed and sat about for a while and chilled out.

In my last newsletter I informed you of something special happening on August 9 We have been working on this since early January of this year and at last I can let the cat out of the bag and let you know what’s been going on here at Helter Skelter. On Monday 2 June 1997, history was made when Helter Skelter was granted it’s biggest All Night Entertainment License ever. You can’t imagine how we felt after so many months of planning and preparation, not really knowing if all the work was for nothing or not. In the past, with so many promoters trying to get outdoor licence’s and being turned down we think the granting of our licence has come at the perfect time as we feel the scene in general needs a big outdoor Event this Summer and we know you think that as well with the amount of calls we get. So remember only the best for the Helter Skelter crew, and don’t forget to pencil in the 9 August in your diary’s and we hope to see you all turn up for what is promised to be Helter Skelters’ most spectacular Event to date. The Event, Energy 97- the Carnival of Dance is to take place at Turweston Aerodrome Fielda, Turweston, Brackley, Northants. This is a brand new Venue. Gates, Stalls and Amusement Theme Park will open at 4 p.m. on the day of the Event and everybody will be able to take advantage of all the free attractions, with the six music Arena’s opening at 7 p.m. There will also be a tented Arena for up and coming D.J.’s. All up and coming D.J. ‘a should send a demo tape marked with their own name, ‘phone number and music style to -

UP & COMiNG D.J. ‘s ENERGY 97, HELTER SKELTER, FAIRACRE, SOUTh NEWINGTON ROAD, BLOXHAM, BANBURY, OXON, OX15 4JB. All your tapes will be listened to and 20 lucky winners will be contacted and asked to play at the Event There will be a Merchandise Stall at the Event with Limited Edition Event Merchandise and also there will be a special offer on for the night of the Evenl only, all MA l’s, MA 2’s and Puffa’s will be £55.00 each only. If you are interested in running a coach or a minibus to the Event, please ring Fiona at the office on 01295 721640 to find out what discounts are available. There will also be a Free coach shuttle service running from Banbury Train Station to the Venue and then from the Venue to Banbury Train Station next morning. If you are coming by National Coaches U.K. Wide, the main Coach Station in Banbury is a couple of minutes walk from the Train Station, then you will be able to get a shuttle coach to the Venue. If there are no coaches in your area, call Flitecrew on 01903 527439 / 0468 872352. Tickets for this Event can be bought with no Booking fee directly by Post or in Person. Forms of payment are Cheque, Postal Orders or Cash, from The Sanctuary Box Office, V7 Saxon street, Bletchley, Milton Keynes, MK1 iSA. Please mark the envelope Helter Skelter Energy 97 - Tickets. Energy 97 promises to be the best Event that our scene has seen this year by far, licensed for 20,000 people, so don’t miss it. For ticket availability right up to the day of the Event you can call us on

01295 721640.

We would just like to thank the 37,500 Party People on our Mailing List for their valued support over tjie last several years. For you have all made Helter Skelter what it is today.

Thanks once again,




That’s the only word I can find to describe Energy 97 - The Carnival of Dance. In the run up to this Event we had endless trips to the Venue from the office and endless ‘phone calls, one after the other, the ‘phones did not stop ringing. We were running around like crazy finishing off the final details, making sure everything was 100%. But all in all it came together very nicely on the day. The build up to this Event was unbelievable. We were graced with the best day of the year for the Event and we would like to say a special Thank You to everyone that attended. Energy 97 was attended by 18,000 dedicated party people and is being hailed by the Industry as the best out-door Party ever.
The overwhelming response took us by surprise, from our Up and Coming D.J Competition. We had nearly 500 entry’s and there is so much good, original talent out there, it was really difficult to pick the Winners. But if you check last months Eternity Magazine you will find a list of Winners and of everybody that entered.
If you check out this months Dream Magazine, you will see that the Helter Skelter Organisation was voted Best Promoter and Best Flyer of the year. Many Thanks to everybody that voted for us. Not forgetting that we also won Best Flyer and Best Promoter from KISS FM in London this year as well. We are all really chuffed with this at the Office as we have all worked really hard. So, once again, Many Thanks for your votes of support.
Find Enclosed the new Flyer for our next Event - TIME - to be held on Saturday 1 November 1997. Because our last Event was not at Milton Keynes, it seems ages since we did an Event at Denbeigh Leisure Park and everybody here is really looking forward to it. TIME is our 8 Birthday Bash. We have got a few of the D.J.’s playing Old Skool and we’ve got a few surprises planned on the night. If you attended Keeping The Fire Burning or Odyssey, our last 2 Birthday Party’s, you will know what we mean, but there is always something special about Birthday Events. Tickets will be on Sale from 1 7 September and Tickets are on a first come, first serve basis, so don’t leave it to the last minute to buy your Tickets. But you can check Ticket availability right up to the day of the Event on 01295 721640. If you are interested in running a Mini-bus or Coach to the Event, give us a call at the Office for Information and Discounts. But remember, you must buy the Tickets from us.
We’ll hopefully see you on November 1 . So till next time, we’re out of here.


Seasonal Greetings and Welcome to our last newsletter this year. Taking some time out to inform you on all the goings on around one of our most memorable Events, Time, The Eighth Birthday Bash. At this present time we have nearly 40,000 people on our Mailing List who are a part of Helter Skelter, so you can imagine the demand for Tickets for all our Events, with this one being no exception. Each year we all get pretty excited to the build up of the years birthday Event. The demand for Tickets for this Event was unbelievable. The Event had 95% sold out two and a half weeks before, with people travelling all over the country to pick up the last few tickets that were left, but many of you probably know this already as the amount of ‘phone calls we had at the office of people looking for tickets was constant. Now after speaking to a lot of outlets nation wide, they said they had not seen such a huge demand for tickets for an Event for as long as they can remember. Nice to know that everybody out there is still supporting us 100% and we are sony to the thousands of people who could not get Tickets. All in all, the D.J. ‘s played excellent sets, MC G.Q. was in Germany the night before and did not get back until 6 p.m. on Saturday, and came straight from the Airport to be with us. And D.J. Hype had been in Dublin before he got to us. What did you all think of the Rush Hour? Something quite different we thought, with a very splendid show from Mr MC MC and his crew, and nice to be turning the clocks back with the Rat Pack. After the huge response we had after booking them at Energy 97, it was nice to see the Sanctuary rocking to full capacity to the Old Skool. Nice one for putting on a wicked show boys.
1997, What a year! For our first major Dance Event of the year, we started off with the Helter Skelter Anthology. What a splendid night had by all, followed by our first club Event of the year at Birmingham, The Sanctuary II. Many fond memories from that night - A Sign of the Times. This was followed by our June MUlti Arena Event, The Strings of Life, what a lovely night that it turned out to be, Summer started at last. Then on to Energy 97, The Carnival of Dance. Well what can we say, that has not already been said about the 9 August 1997. The hottest day of the year that hosted one of the best Dance Events Ever. (After spending six months organising this Event, the night just went too quickly for us.) Then of course, Time, still nice and fresh in our minds.
And on to our last Event, this year - out with the old, and in with the new - We have Progressinn, New Years Eve 1997/98. See enclosed flyer with full details. Again all we can say, is early Ticket purchase guarantee’s entry. If for any reason you do not get a Ticket, or you decide not to spend New Years Eve with us, we would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, from each and everyone of us at the Helter Skelter Organisation. One thing we did notice last year, was people queuing for New Years Eve wearing T. Shirts and open neck tops. It will be cold, so would you please make sure that you wrap up warm in the queue. We will be employing extra Security for searching so that we can get everybody in a lot quicker, so as we can all be inside well before Midnight, and all bring the New Year in, in distinct style, together. Find enclosed our new Merchandise flyer, with most of the videos and tapes packs from nearly all of our Events. It’s still nice to play some of the old packs, to see how the musical styles of a lot of the D.J. ‘s has changed and progressed throughout the years. You will notice that there is Limited Availability on Tape Packs, HS 2, 3, 4, & 5. But you will need to call the office for availability and what they are. if you are interested in running a Mini-bus or Coach on New Years Eve, please call us at the office for discounts available. And you can ring us on 01295 721640 for Ticket Availability right up to the day of the Event.
Well, I think I’ve just about covered everything. Take Care of yourself; have a wicked Christmas and we’ll see you all New Years Eve.


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