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Stomp! Move Your Ass! November 8th, 2013

16 September 2013
Thanks to everyone who came along to our Summer Spec-tash-ular event and made it our best yet! You guys were awesome and created a proper rave atmosphere to be proud of! Now, it's time to "put a donk-ey on it" as we bring you another round of hoofin' Hardcore shenanigans, Stomp style!!
This is a charity event for our friends at the Donkey Sanctuary Leeds to help them in their work caring for mistreated donkeys - a *proper* worthwhile cause for an organisation that will *really* appreciate our help!
We've pulled out all the stops to bring you another fantastic lineup including some of the very best DJ's & MC's in the scene alongside the very brightest rising stars - covering a wide range of different styles and eras as only we can!
*** SCOTT BROWN *** - (Evolution Records, Bonkers, Hardcore Heaven, Hardcore Underground!)
We always do our best to keep our promises so now we're bringing you a whole hour of the legendary Mr Brown! One of the most influential artists in the scene today, Scott has produced more epic anthems and smashed the pants off more massive raves than you've had hot dinners so best get ready to 
stomp some craters into that dancefloor!
*** KEYES & X-TREME *** - (Go Tell Yo Momma, Ravers Reunited, The Only Way Is Hardcore)
We're buzzing to welcome Keyes & X-Treme onboard to make their Stomp! debut! These lads have taken Hardcore by storm in recent times and rightfully earned their place as one of the most popular Hardcore double acts in the scene today. Get ready for an hour of upfront, crowd pleasing UK Hardcore 
action - mixed and hyped by 2 of the best in the bizniz!
*** A.B. b2b ANDY FREESTYLE *** - (Stamina Records, Uprising Digital) - Early 00's Hardcore & Freeform!
Let's travel back in time to an era when a Hardcore and Freeform revolution took place, shaping the scene we know and love today! We've secured this exclusive, first time pair-up of 2 of the brightest stars on the underground - Stamina Records' very own A.B. and Uprising's Andy Freestyle! One hour 
of classic anthems and a serious sensory pounding coming riiight up!!
*** MR RIPLEY b2b CRUZE *** - (Trackmaster Music, Stomp!)
It's been an amazing year for Trackmaster Music - with some fantastic releases including the huge success of their "Full Frequency 2" double CD album! Now, Darts debuts his "Mr Ripley" guise to bring you an hour of upfront, uplifting, bouncy, ravey Hardcore alongside TMM's international Baldcore 
Grand Master himself - DJ Cruze!
*** DMS b2b TRIQUATRA *** (Stomp!, HappyHardcore.com) - 100% vinyl Oldskool Happy Hardcore set!
Continuing our mission to push the very best northern talent around, we're excited to welcome back DMS to our decks, along with debutant Triquatra, for an hour of classic Happy Hardcore mixed 100% on vinyl! It's time to don your white gloves, get those whistles and horns ready and rave it up 
Oldskool stylee!
*** SIM-E b2b YORKSHIRE RIPPER *** (Scarred Digital, Executive Records) - 3 decks anything goes shenanigans!
2 big talents making their first appearances on our stage here! Sim-E has been handing us some wicked demos across a range of styles over the last few months, while Yorkshire Ripper has been making a name for himself with some awesome productions on labels such as Scarred Digital and Executive 
Records! Keep your eyes and ears peeled for these 2 in future!
*** CLAXTON *** (Stomp!, HappyHardcore.com)
After really impressing us with some awesome demo CD's and well & truly taking the roof off our epic Christmas event last year, Claxton has upped his game this year and deservedly joins us to smash the granny out of the Eiger Studios once again with some heeyowge anthems and underground slammers!
Hosted by MC's:
KEYES (GTYM & Ravers Reunited's gaffer!)
FRIKSHON (the award winning!)
SCOTTY G (welcome back, Scotty! We missed you!)
SMOKIN' (Trackmaster Music & Stomp! favourite!)
MRC & XTC (Hektik Beats boys back from retirement!)
REDZ (from dancefloor to stage, another crowd favourite!)
THEME - as always there is a theme and this time it's "Ears & Tails" - we'll leave the rest up to you!
THE MONG ZONE - normal raves have a chillout room - we have The Mong Zone! A fully furnished quiet room with games, books and fun activities for when you're all raved out and need to catch up on some monging!
Friday 8th November 2013 @ Eiger Music Studios, New Craven Gate Industrial Estate, LEEDS, LS11 5NF.
Adv. tix (available soon online) @ 7.99 *** 10 otd. (ROAR)

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