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DJ Energy Interview

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Kevin Energy is a man on a mission at present with his Nu Energy Collective going from strength to strength.

Kevin is well known from his days as a rave DJ, and his old assistant managers job at Wax City Records in London. He is held in the highest regard amongst clubbers all over the UK and the world, having previously played his own brand of Hard Dance as far afield as Australia. To top it all off, he's a sound fella too!

How are you today Kev?
"On top of the world thanks."

What was the the first record you bought?

"Errr, Nino's dream / The Theme on Production House."

How long have you been DJ'ing and how did you get into it?

"I got my first set of decks in 1993. After listening to pirate stations for a few months I had built up a love for Hardcore music. I was always amazed at how the music could be non stop. One day a friend at School bought in a tape he had made at home with his own decks. He played it to me and told me which bits were his mixing and which bits were the records. I was totally blown away by what he told me so I went round to his house after school. He mixed 2 records in front of me with a little scratching too. I really couldn't wipe the smile off my face as I watched and that year I asked Father Christmas for my own decks!!"

Describe your musical style...

"Hard, Fast, Euphoric, Pacey, Energetic, Contaminating."

Which five words describe you best?

"Errrr... Busy, Hectic, Energetic, Thoughtful and Outgoing."

Musically, who has influenced you most?

"Well all sorts of styles and people really but a BIG influence to me has been Sharkey. He taught me a lot about different styles of music at a time when my inspiration was at a high."

Where do you enjoy DJ'ing the most?

"Everywhere I go really but the Fridge in Brixton has really been kiking off this year. I love the mixed but up for it crowd that you get there. Slammin' Vinyl at the Sanctuary is always a good party to play at too. The vibe is amazing."

What's your greatest achievement to date?

"I think getting the nu energy collective to the stage that it is at now. It has taken years of hard work day in and day out to get things to the stage of organisation that we are at now. The odds have been against us a few times now and we have battled through each problem gaining knowledge and becoming stronger each time."

What have you got coming up DJ'ing/Production wise over the next few months?

"Production wise I have a track called 'The Human Race' being released on our new Hard Trance label Synthetix records. 'Crescendo's of Ecstasy' is a new track that I did three different mixes of. Two are due on Nu Energy and one on Dynamix. Then there is 'F***in with da Frequency' which is a track I just finished for a new hardcore label we are starting called Relentless Vinyl. Then it's off to do the Next Nu Energy Collective Australian Tour!! "

What can we expect to see from yourself and Nu Energy musically over the next few months?

"Well the Collective is taking on new labels and artists all of the time. We have been sent some really inspiring demo's recently and it's great to take the new stuff on. We will always aim to explore new boundaries and put new elements into the music that we make. Our aim for this year is to release a lot more music then last year which we couldn't do due to distribution and office problems which are all under control now. That I am in the middle of joining with Daniel Ro¹s Peroxide records. I should be dealing with all there future releases. I will be resurrecting Marc Smiths Notorious label for the Hardcore followers with new material from the man himself. I am starting an off shoot to Dynamix called Synthetix. This will cater for the Darker German type sound. I have loads of new artists to help build and work for us. I hope to get a London night started up in March next year and we have started doing live shows again as a collective. Sharkey is signed for 3 more Bonkers albums so we're all writing for that. We have the whole distribution project to build up and we still need to get settled in the new place. All in all the future is gonna be real busy but it's all for the good of the music ;)"

I notice you have taken the Digital Beatz Crew under your wing at Nu Energy, Would you like to tell us more about them?

"Yeah sure. The main artists involved are Shanty, Tazz and Concept. They started the label a few years ago now and released some great manic and ground breaking Hardcore or Trance-core as some may say. The stopped releasing on the label about 1 and a half years ago but have been producing some great tunes again. They released the first EP on the newly refurbished label but have finance problems for keeping the label running. We all love their music here at the Collective so we decided to take the label on board under our production. They have some great new music to release that you can hear online."

Where do you see yourself and Nu Energy in 5 to 10 years?

"Well that is a tricky one. I never realised that we would grow to this size and be handling our own Distribution. In 5-10 years it would be great to be running on an even larger sized out fit that manages to get the music into ever corner of the globe. To have all of our artists touring and representing there own style and for things to be running smoothly. It would be great to always be at the forefront of new styles and soundz and to have a reputation as a Collective for making outstanding music."

Which piece of recording equipment did you buy first?

"Well my decks but production wise it was a Bass Station."

Whats your favourite piece of recording equipment?

"Well right now the Access Virus is really screaming out some great sounds."

PC or Mac?

"P.C. - Never used a Mac."

Cubase or Logic?

"Logic - More adaptable."

Hard Dance wise, which labels and producers do you admire the most and why?

"I have great respect for Phil Reynolds and all of the Impact Artists. They capture a great vibe and Energy. Sharkey will always be an inspiration due to his attention to detail. Overdose from Germany has always caught my attention with it's HUGE sounds and crazy arrangements. Jon Doe has a good ear for quality. There are too many to mention really! "

What advice would you give to aspiring DJ's and Producers?

"Have patience, Be positive all the time and follow your dreams. It may not come to you quickly but a person with the right enthusiasm for music and helpful attitude will always shine through and get there. Remember that everything is a learning curve and knowledge is the key. "

Finally, what are your all time classic tunes?

'Future Sound of london' - Papa new Guinea
Your Love' - Prodigy
'Far out' - Sonz of a loop da loop era

You can catch Kev at:

28/03: Vibealite & North Emporium, Coalville.
28/03: Cypher, West Indian Centre, Chapel town, Leeds.
29/03: Subterranea, The Volts, the Quay, Exeter.
29/03: GBH, Depot, Lawrence hill, Bristol
05/04: Slammin, Sanctuary, Milton keynes
12/04: Pendragon
18/04: Logic, Fridge, Brixton
18/04: Raindance
19/04: Recreation, The Albert Tavern, Sth Parade Pier, Southsea.



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