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Happy New Year party people. I bet you didn’t think you’d be reading another Newsletter written by my good self, as I never thought I would be writing to you again. As you are probably aware, we shut the event organisation side of the company down after the Millennium New Years Eve event.
That Event was intended to be the very last event ever. Ever fond of Helter Skelter after 10 years of organising events we decided to close down & take a well earned rest. We were determined not to sell up or allow the organisation to fall into a cycle of exhausted ideas. The final chapter had been written & we laid the giant to rest, or so we thought. As the year progressed though, we grew to really miss our involvement in the Dance Scene & could never seem to get the sleeping giant out of our blood. Like a reoccurring dream, the memones of enormous crowds exploding into euphoric rushes of energy, the thousands of unique & fascinating individuals from all regions of the party universe, who gathered at our designer Dance Festivals, those moments of spine tingling music induced memones & the boom of hard & powerful electronic beats, just kept on flooding back & back. So after receiving masses of E-Mails and telephone calls, requesting our return, we could not resist the temptation any longer & so made the decision to give Helter Skelter a rebirth. Fresh ideas, innovative concepts & a cocktail of underground electronic Dance Music will make the two new style Helter Skelter events due to take place early this year purely wild affairs.
The original Helter Skelter team are back. We’ve had a good rest & we’ve recharged our batteries. We’ve got our creative heads on & we’re going to resurrect & regenerate the Helter Skelter that you grew to know & love in the last decade. It’s been decided that a new-style Flelter Skelter is going to be developed. It’s going to be something different for the 21St century, HSO will represent a fresh and up front generation of hard electronic underground sounds, whilst maintaining & building upon the essential elements that made the Helter Skelter organisation so successful in the past.
Unite To Co-Host Massive Event At The Prestigious Northern Venue — Bowlers, Manchester
Saturday 24 February 2001 @ Bowlers, Trafford Park, Manchester
After a fourteen month absence our first event is due to be held on Saturday 24 Februaiy 2001 at the giant Bowlers arena in Manchester. The event is in conjunction with Compulsion, the leading northern dance organisation in its field. Helter Skelter would team up with only the very best. & that’s what we’ve done, not only for this event, but also with another good quality orgamsation for our second event. Both Compulsion and Helter Skelter are working as a co-operative for this event. At the event, depending on taste, you will be free to explore all four music arenas. Depending on taste, you will be able to venture through the sounds of Hardcore, Techno, Old Skool & Hard House. Every arena will specialise in one or other of the music categones, so you can stay immersed in your favourite music zone throughout the night, or ynu can travel, experiencing a variety of underground sounds and dance music cultures. Whatever arena environment you decide to settle in, you can be assured of an array of well known, high quahw D.J. ‘5, an explosive array of colourful visuals & a powerlul sound system to compliment those hard electronic beats & capture the spirit of those spine tingling
melodies See Flyer For Details
Important Ticket Information: You can pay.on the door on the night, or tickets will be available from Ticket Master on 0870 9020001 or usual Ticket Master outlefs & Ticket Sellers 08707 544445. If you’re unable to get to a Ticket Master outlet then please phone Helter Skelter direct & request to be placed on the Guaranteed Paying Entry List. A reference number will be given to you over the phone & your name will be placed on the list. When arriving at the venue on the night all you need to do is quote the reference & y will be guaranteed entry once payment is made. So if you’re travelling a long distance, & you haven’t been Hble to get hold of a ticket, so long as you’re on the list & you’ve got your reference number you can he rest assured that you’ll get in (Right Of Admission Reserved - ROAR. applies as it usually does when entering Helter Skelter events to ensure the continued safety & fun of all those who attend).
Enormous Drum & Bass Showdown, Saturday 3 March 2001 The Sanctuary Music Arena Denbigh Leisure Park, Bletchley, Milton Keynes
After a fourteen month absence we are due to return to our home venue at V7 Saxon Street to host one of the largest pure Drum & Bass events ever witnessed at the Sanctuary Music Arena in association with the successful and highly credible,
Club Sidewinder. See Flyer For Details !!!!
Sidewinder is leading the way in professionally organised events. So far they have had three sell outs at the Sanctnazv. This is likely to be their forth. The legendary Helter Skelter and the dynamic Sidewinder make a formidable force in Drum & Bass event organisation, don’t miss this event whatever you do.
Info lines for travel, flyers, coaches and multiple ticket sales call: 01295 721640. For ticket availability right up until the day of the event call: 01295 721640. To make bookmgs* for UK national coaches runnmg the events call Event Express coach & event ticket services on: 07976 163528 or 07976 439289 or Email: evcntexpress Discounts for group booking. If there is no coach running from your area then talk to Event Express to see how they can help. For info on future events send S.A.E. to Helter Skelter, Fairacre, South Newmgton Rd, Bloxham. Banburv, Oxon. OXlS 4JB.
This mail out has gone out to 50,000 dedicated followers of HSO & ticket demand for both events will be massive. Make sure you don’t leave things too late. It can sincerely be said that this is an organisation back by pubhc demand. Hopefully see you at both events. We’re all glad to he back.



Two large scale parties. One in the north, one in the south. Massive sell out successes for both Events. You guessed it, without a doubt, there’s no mistaking the return of Helter Skelter. The sleeping giant has been awakened & the boys are most certainly back in town. Thank you everybody, we couldn’t of asked for more. The turnout for both Events, the first in association with that simply marvelous organisation, Compulsion, the second in conjunction with the immense Club Sidewiuder, were nothing short of phenomenal. We’re back ... we’re recharged ...we’re refreshed & once again we’re setting new standards. We would just like to start by saying a massive thank you to everyone who attended our two comeback Events. We were absolutely overwhelmed with the response & we hope you enjoyed the new revolutionised Helter Skelters, in conjunction with Compulsion & Club Sidewinder. We are sorry to the thousands who didn’t get their tickets early enough & were left unable to attend.
— Firstly, on to Helter Skelter & Compulsion on 24 February 2001. What did you think of Bowlers? Once we had seen the venue, we knew we wanted to do parties there. The whole Events from start to fmish rocked & was excellent. It was really nice to see so many old faces & lots of new ones too. We had a bit of a nightmare with D.J. ‘s arriving, as snow blizzards cut traffic down to 20 m.p.h. on the M6 but everybody got there in the end. There will be a few things that we will be improving on at the next Event. We will have a new queuing system outside to guarantee quicker entry. There will be additional toilets, a new cloakroom with more staff, extra sound & lighting throughout & a few extra surprises that you will have to wait & see.
All night license granted for Helter Skelter & compulsion @ the next Bowlers Event on Saturday 26 May 2001 (Bank Holiday Weekend). Its great news! We’ve managed to secure an all night license for our next Event Bowlers. That means we’ve got more time to put more quality D.J. ‘s on & you’ve got more time to enjoy the party, & parties they most certainly are. Check enclosed flyer.
Did you attend the Helter Skelter & Club Sidewinder enormous Drum & Bass Showdown on 3 March 2001 @ the Sanctuary Music Arena, Milton Keynes? Back to our home venue, with a new style Drum & Bass Event. Once again, this Event sold out in advance & is the first Event to sell out @ the Sanctuary Music Arena since we hosted Decadance in October 1999. Thank you to the hundreds of people who have written, e-mailed and called us saying what an excellent night they had. Just to let you know, for that night, we installed a genuine 75,000 watt turbo sound system, which is the biggest sound system ever to be put in this venue - & didn’t it rock all night? What did you think of Kosheen, Live on Stage? Keep an eye out for them, they’re going to be massive. We apologize for people having to queue when putting their coats in the cloakroom and picking them up in the morning, but this was out of our hands, & from now on there will be an outside cloakroom with extra staff. We would like to mention that Sanctuary Security are there to ensure everybody has a good night out. All security are individually numbered, so if you experience any problems, please make a note of their number & let us know the office.
Confirmed - Roni size & MC Dynamite for the next enormous Drum & Bass Showdown. Its time again for the Helter Skelter & Club Sidewinder following to descend on the mighty Sanctuary Music Arena for the second installment of the ground breaking drum & bass series - Accelerated Culture on Saturday 12 May 2001. If you’re passionate about kicking breaks & speaker rupturing baselines, we have a party going down, that’s surely going to prove itself as irresistible. Check enclosed flyer.
Just to let you know, there will be a Merchandise Stall present, C both forthcoming Events selling a wide range of discount priced tape packs and videos & we will be launching a new Limited Edition Merchandise range exclusively available on those nights. Also, tape packs from The Awakening & Boys Are Back In Town, are on sale nationwide @ your nearest local outlet. If an outlet in your area does not stock them give us a call & let us know. Also all packs are available by mail order, give us a call @ the office for details, At the time of writing this Newsletter to you, we are working on something very special which we can let you know about soon - Watch this space! We look forward to seeing you at the next two Events, once again many thanks for your support. The last two Events sold out in advance & only early ticket purchase guarantees entry. Speak to you soon. Helter Skelter keeping it real in 2001.



Greetings. We hope our summer newsletter finds you well, As you may or may not remember, we said we were planning something special for summer, so please find enclosed in this mail out three new flyers. Our first Summer Event is on Saturday 28 July 2001. We are hosting the Accelerated Culture Drum + Bass Arena with Sidewinder at the Godskitchen. Global Gathering Festival . Long Marston Airfield. Nr Stratford-Upon-Avon. This is our first outdoor event since Energy 97. This event is licensed for 25.000 people with 6 massive arenas. Tickets are already selling fast and we look forward to seeing you there. If you come to our events by coach, all normal Helter Skelter coach organisers are running coaches to this event as well as all coach couriers listed on the Global Gathering flyer. Following Global Gathering will be Energy 2001 on Saturday 4 August ( Bowlers. Trafford Park, Manchester. Theres always something special about the Energy Events and this will be no exception, especially as we had a year off last year. We were really pleased to see so many people from all over the UK attending our last Multi Arena Event, The Metropolis . Bowlers. People who came in February from far afield, brought more friends back with them for the May Event. We are planning to do regular Events Bowlers, as once we had seen the venue we knew we wanted to do parties there. Even if you live a long way away, we urge you to make the effort to come and spend the weekend in Manchester. Come to our Event and spend the night with us and maybe stop in a hotel and make a weekend of it (hotels listed in the flyer). Bowlers is an absolutely wicked venue with the Main Arena being 3 times bigger than the Sanctuary and the Old Skool Arena being as big as the Sanctuary with a set of Dodgems actually inside the Arena. As usual the funfair is free and we introduced an outside entertainment complex with funfair and chillout cinema at the last event, as we are also doing for this one. We will also be putting massive cooling fans throughout the venue for Energy 2001 as it was hot at the last Event, which we didn’t realise it would be.
Last but by no means least, Helter Skelter and Club Sidewinder will be hosting an Accelerated Culture Event in conjunction with Liquid Adrenalin and Breakz , The Cue Club, Corporation Street, Birmingham. on Saturday 25 August (Bank Holiday weekend). This is our first Event in Birmingham since 1997 and we are really looking forward to this as well. The Cue Club is an old cathedral with a multi-tiered balcony right around the Main Arena dance floor. We will transform this venue in true Helter Skelter styley including loads of extra sound for those speaker rupturing bass lines.
We would like to see you at all three of these Events. We hope you have a good summer. Just to let you know tape packs from our last two Events are on sale by Mail-order and throughout independent Record and Clothes shops around the UK. We will also be having a merchandise stall at all three Events selling new tape packs and videos and tape packs and videos from previous Events at discounted prices.
Until next time, take it easy

from Penelope & crew.


I would just like to start with Global Gathering. Did you manage to attend? Were you lucky enough to get a Ticket? Saturday 28th July 2001, 25,000 people, sellout capacity Event. The Event was a major success & next years Event is already being planned for 35,000 people, the last weekend in July 2002. Make sure you don’t miss it.
Energy 2001, on Saturday 4th August 2001 @ Bowlers, Manchester. Again this was a massive success, but unfortunately the Bowlers Venue was sold in the middle of July & the new owners haven’t any plans to have Dance Events there at the present time, which we are extremely disappointed with. We would just like to thank the thousands of people that attended the three Events we held @ Bowlers as it looks like its the end of another chapter in the History of Helter Skelter.
A big shout out to everybody that attended the Helter Skelter & Club Sidewinder Accelerated Culture night on Saturday 25th August 2001 @ The Que Club in Birmingham. Again another wicked night was had by all.
Find enclosed in this mail out a flyer for the next Accelerated Culture Event on Saturday 13th October 2001 @ The Sanctuary Music Arena, Milton Keynes. This Event also celebrates the 12th Anniversary of Helter Skelter. Demand for tickets for this Event will be massive, so please get your tickets as early as possible. Also you will notice on the flyer, that we are holding an Accelerated Culture Drum ‘n’ Bass Awards Event in December 2001 & we are giving you the chance to vote for your favorite Drum ‘n’ Bass D.J. ‘s & M.C. ‘s. This will be the biggest vote for anything within the Drum ‘n’ Bass Scene that’s ever taken place. So we urge everybody to please make the effort & vote so we can get a really good response in putting some of the worlds best Drum ‘n’ Bass Artists to the test. There will be three winners, who will be picked from the completed voting entries & each will receive a pair of V.I.P. Tickets for the Awards Event.
j We would just like to say that every Helter Skelter / Club Sidewinder flyer that you see, at ‘ the time of going to print, all D.J. ‘s & M.C’s are 100% booked & confirmed. But we have been let down a few times this year & that is because the Agencies have taken our bookings for the Artist / DJ,MC & then they have not turned up on the night, usually due to them playing abroad. When we have been notified in advance we always get a suitable replacement, but when we have not been informed, we do the best we can. We just wanted to inform you of this as these are circumstances beyond our control. As normal, everybody is confirmed & contracted for October 13th, and we are looking forward to this Birthday Bash especially as we were taking time out last year, so this is our 1 Birthday Event since DecaDance two years ago. Please make sure you join us & come & help us celebrate 12 years of quality Dance Events in fme style.
If you didn’t attend any of the previously mentioned Events, tape packs for Energy 2001 & Accelerated Culture 2 & 3 are now on Sale by Mail-order or Credit Card (see October 13 Flyer) & throughout Independent Record & Clothes shops around the UK. If you are considering running a coach or minibus to the Event, give Fiona a call at the office for discounts & details on 01295 721640.
Speak to you soon



Accelerated Culture
Firstly, a big shout out to everyone that attended the Helter Skelter & Club Sidewinder rAccelerated Culture Event on Saturday 13 October 2001 @ the Sanctuary Music Arena, Milton Keynes. Its been a wicked year for the Accelerated Culture concept & every party just seems to get better & better. We completely redraped the whole venue, added an extra 30k Turbo Sound in
both Arenas. This definitely was the best party held in this venue, this year, to date. You certainly helped us celebrate our 12 birthday in fme style. The only slight hiccup we had was that D.J. SS never got to us as he was organising his own Formation Records Event & the fog was really bad in his area & he ended up having to stay the whole night. Kenny Ken never showed, although he was booked, & we were informed the day before that he was going to Canada. That’s the second time
he’s let us down this year, so if you see him out & about, tell him to sort it out! We have noted that there were cars broken into on the 13 THIS WILL NOT HAPPEN AGAIN! All car parks will now be flood lit and security patrolled.
Onto the Accelerated Culture Drum ‘n’ Bass Awards 2001. It was a few months ago on the October 13 Flyer, when we gave you the chance to vote for your favourite Drum ‘n’ Bass D.J.’s
& M.C. ‘S. And your response was nothing short of phenomenal. From the enormous number of voting forms received we have discovered what Artists you, the Drum ‘n’ Bass community, want recognised for their talents and performances. All D.J.’s & M.C.’s in Arena One on the enclosed j December 8 Flyer, have received the most votes from yourselves. Live on the night, as each Artist performs, massive video screens will inform you of what position the Artist performing came & what percentage of the votes they received. The D.J. & M.C. who received the most votes will be crowned the winners of this years prestigious Accelerated Culture Drum ‘n’ Bass Awards. Arena
Two — Rewind, Jungle / Drum ‘n’ Bass 93 — 98. The way it was. Relive the atmosphere, revive
the memories. Join us on a trip down memory lane, as we take you on a journey of Old Skool & Classic Drum ‘n’ Bass. Also, performing for the first time this year at an Accelerated Culture
Event, D.J. Phantasy & Shy IFX & a Helter Skelter favourite, ladies in the place, with D.J. Rap & MC Chickaboo. And because we’ve had such a good year, to thank everybody for their support,
we have enclosed 500 complimentary tickets for the Accelerated Culture Drum ‘n’ Bass Awards on 8 December 2001, in this mail out. If you have a complimentary ticket enclosed, this is genuine. If not, this Event is going to be a sçll out as we have had loads of media interest already, & emails & calls asking when tickets are on sale, so make sure you make the effort to get yourself
a tickets & come down & join us for our last Event in the Sanctuary Music Arena, Milton Keynes,this year. Talking of last Events, the last Accelerated Culture Event this year will be held on Wednesday 26 December 2001 — Boxing Day, @ The Colosseum, Rickmansworth Road, Watford.
See Flyer enclosed. You need to cancel any Boxing Day plans you’ve made & make
Accelerated Culture your destination for 26/12/01. The Colosseum is a new out-standing
venue never used before by any Drum ‘n’ Bass Event organiser.
You won’t be disappointed, unless you miss out on this latest & last 2001 instalment.
That about brings us up to date. Once again, we would just like to thank you for your
support in 2001. Have a good Christmas, have a wicked New Year & New Years Eve. 1 you soon

* * * From Everyone @ Helter Skelter * * *

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