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HAPPY DYNAMITE 23rd june 2013

UK Hardcore, Happy Hardcore, Makina, Old Skool, Happy Techno, Happy Gabba,Hard Trance, Hard House, Durm'n'Bass, Funkot
R Lounge (6F, 7F) http://rlounge.jp/
Official web site http://happydynamite.jp/ 2013.6.23 (SUN)
OPEN 13:00 / CLOSE 21:00 20015club complex CODE(1,800)·
HAPPY DYNAMITE122013623R Lounge6&7
HAPPY DYNAMITE200120082013
R Read More

Phase 3 Events is proud to presents Seattle's only HARD DANCE SERIES MAYHEM 15th June 2013

Phase 3 Events is proud to presents Seattle's only HARD DANCE SERIES MAYHEM!!!
Another night of the best of hard music!!!
Back in the day djs played records, records were limited run, hard to get & your records defined your sound as a dj. You spent hours in record stores going through countless releases to find that one gem that would take
the dance floor to the next level. This night we are going to take it Read More

HAUNT ft Hixxy (United States) 19th October 2013

As a continuation of our promise: to bring lovers of hardcore top notch talent, and throw amazing parties that are the epitome of our culture. The Reploids bring you Hardcore Haunt. this will be an unusually creative fusion of classic haunted costume
parties-HTID high octane-and community driven PLUR Presales: http://hauntrr.eventbrite.com/ Live Art from Dream Team Ent's Dustin DeRego out of San Francisco
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BadWolf & GlowTribe - NY Proudly Present... Kandijam In The Park! (America) 31st August 2013

BadWolf & GlowTribe - NY Proudly Present...
Official ALL Ages, FREE Outdoor Pre-Party to The Sonic Underground!! Bring out your
hullahoops, your flow toys & groove to some Electronic Beats! Bring Beads & make kandi to
exchange with your newly found friends at tonight's Rave!
 Freedom Fighters
 Merciless Slunt Slayer (Providence, RI) - Drum & Bass //Make It Rayne //Robot Read More

BadWolf & Make It Rayne Proudly Present.. THE SONIC UNDERGROUND! (America) 31st August 2013

BadWolf & Make It Rayne Proudly Present...THE SONIC UNDERGROUND!! Come rock out to these sonic sound waves as your freedom fighters lead the Sonic
Underground with the power of Electronic Music in the fight against the evil overlord Robotnic!
Only a massive unification of ravers on the dance floors rocking out to the Hardcore has the
power to stop his robotisizing of Rochester and then the rest of Read More

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