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Raindance Review

22nd May 2004

The Journey:

Left my house at 7:00 ish to meet me mate Rich, went down the pub to grab a beer and a burger, and then caught the 8:40 train from Faversham to Victoria. I was determined not to get pissed before we arrived at the SEONE, so I just had a load of red bulls. My mate thought it would be a good idea to drink a large bottle of wine on the train before reaching Victoria! BIG MISTAKE!

Having arrived at Victoria at 9:40 ish, we popped into Wheatherspoons for a couple of jugs of Blue Lagoon which went down well! and then decided to spend 20p at the station to use the toilets, one strange thing i noticed was that there was a beggar in the toilet begging for money, but he must of had to pay 20p to get in, so he would have spent his days wages just getting into the toilet!!! mad !!!!!

We then decided to go on a mission to search for the SEONE! We didnt have a clue where we were going and with Richie pissed up and me having no navigational skills what so eva we woz on a definite loss! After asking 20 odd different people and walking round London for an hour or more we finally got there!

The Event:

Upon arriving at the SEONE at 11:15ish there was hardly any queue and we were into the venue within 10 minutes. I was surprised that we didnt even get searched! Having Dropped off our coats we spent 10 minutes looking round the venue, this was the first time either of us had eva been to the SEONE and we were impressed. 4 arenas and loads of mad stuff u could do like have a massage, take some laughing gas for a pound and even buy some cheezy quavers for 50p!!! (Didnt fancy the tuna sandwiches though!)

Having discovered the hardcore room we knew this was where we would be all nite. Richie had never been to a rave before, he hadn't even really listened to hardcore music before! so he was abit dubious as to what to do at first. But once he realised that everyone in the room was mad and up for a wicked nite, he soon got envolved!

Allot of the nite was a Blur as I was having such a wicked time, I remember meeting a few people that I had previously seen at the 1st of May hardcore heaven finale and at the start of the night Ned and the other Guy from CLSM was dancing with all the ravers on the dance floor that woz cool! They gave me a copy of their newest album which was a Bonus and wot a wicked album it is.

The only thing was that I got this CD at the start of the night and thought oh dear ive got to rave with this in my hand all nite. So I carried on raving with a CD in my hand until I was going so mad that I accidentally stabbed the corner of the CD case into some poor girls back (Sorry If this was u) she wasnt very happy! but i said sorry and she was ok. Seduction played a wicked set rolling out some upto date tracks with Mc Rude on the mike quality!

After Seductions set we went on search for a quick chill in the chillout room mmmm If we could find it. I was sure that it was meant to be behind the hardcore and drum n bass room but I dont think that was the case! So we just sat by the cloakroom. At this point I then realised that I didnt have to rave all night with the CD in my hand it would actually fit in my tracksuit bottoms pocket!

We returned to hear CLSM's set this was excellent I remember them dropping their usual tracks like Jon peel is not enough and Transmission to Mars. Big respect to these guys, they really have been promoting themselves this year and have been  putting loads of effort into their PA's and Sets!!!!! I think there gonna be big!

A couple of times during the night, some drum n bassey sets were being incorporated into the hardcore style, this is ok, but I would rather hear more banging stuff that you can stomp to! But the flyer did say that hardcore in all its various forms would be played!

The next set I remember hearing was Billy Bunter, the first half of his set was classic 96-97 style, he dropped bodyslam, the terminator track and also the track that goes "were not living in a real world" (Damn cant remember the name!). The second half of his set was more newer free form stuff.

The next time we went for a quick chill, this really friendly girl came and sat with me and Rich and had a chat with us, I didnt catch her name but I think her nickname was bubbles or something like that! I think she fancied Rich, but I didnt want to say anything!  she danced and had a laugh with us for an hour or so before leaving. I think its really cool that the hardcore scene has kept its friendly atmosphere over the years and unlike Drum N Bass theres no attitude!

The final set of the night was Kevin energy, what a set to finish the night on, I felt abit sorry for him though, cause the hardcore room did empty out a little as people went to get their jackets and stuff! But all in all his set was blinding.

Getting Home:

We left the venue at 7ish and were way mullered!!!! After getting lost on the way up we wasnt sure how to get back to Victoria (i.e. walk/tube/bus) we decided on the first option!!!!!! YET ANOTHER MISTAKE!!! This time we must have been walking around london for way over an hour and a half! until we finally reached Victoria! After paying yet another 20p to go to the toilet we then visited good old Mc Donalds.

We ordered a couple of bacon roll meals and chilled and relaxed for an hour while, waiting for our train, thinking about what a wicked nite it had been. We finally jumped on the train and made our way home!!! (Which broke down for 20 minutes on the way!)



Billy Bunter, Seduction and CLSM
No attitude or trouble
Excellent production
Quality of music and sound systems throughout (apart from the CDJ decks!!!!)
All the happy ravers!


Getting lost in London
Not being able to sell the spare ticked I had!
Need a bigger hardcore room!! Chuck D&B in the smaller room nxt time!

Overall a quality nite and would definitely go to a
raindance again and would recommend it to anyone!

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