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Hardcore Heaven Review


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Arrived in Bletchley about 8:30 ish after a 3 hour journey from my home town. Wasn't sure how to get to the Sanctuary from Bletchley station. So I met a group of lads who led me the way!!!! Cheers for the can of larger aswell!!! went down a treat.

The cue was long as usual, but seemed alot better organised the previous events that I had been to at the sanctuary. Got into the arena at about 9:45 so missed Mark EG's set, but heres a summary of the sets I did hear: .

Slipmatt (Main Arena) -
Was cueing up to put me jacket in the cloakroom for most of this set, but played an older selection, which went down well to start the night off!

Brisk (Sweat Box) -
Banging as usual I remember him playing angel eyes and the floor in the sweat box still bounces!!! VERY HOT in this arena, one of the reasons for staying in the main arena all night.

CLSM (Main Arena) -
Excellent PA (dont think it was completely live though), excellent performance had someone spray painting onstage onto a canvas and also some mad nutter in a weird mask (I think his name may have been NED) who was doing crazy shit. Playing the usual quality CLSM tracks.

Hixxy (Main Arena) -
Playing alot of tracks from the current bonkers 12 album

Scott Brown & Neophyte (Main Arena) - 
The usual faster banging techno edge soundz by Scott,  alongside the dutch master of techno, remember them playing Boomstick.

Breeze & Styles (Main Arena) - 
Probably one of the best sets of the night, they were filming the video for your shinings worldwide release.

Marc Smith (Main Arena) -
Another fast paced banging techno set

Dougal (Main Arena) -
Played mostly upfront newish tracks

Seduction (Main Arena) -
Nice to see seduction back, I was suprised that he was also playing some newer stuff!

SY (Main Arena) -
What a way to finish the night off SY played the best tunes of the night, storm was on form as usual. He lost his rag abit at the end with the sound engineer (maybe abit over the top he said "sound engineer sort ya fucking life out!") so the sound engineer turned the music down (Booooooooo). But in all an excellent set to finish the night off with!!!!


  • YOUR SHINING (Due to this track being filmed for the single release)


  • The Sanctuary had been layed out well,
    • 2 dancing stands near the entrance of the arena
    • A platform in the middle
    • The stage against the back wall
    • Plenty of video screens, lights and drapes.
  • The Dancers!
  • Quality of the music played
  • The crowd


  • Having to wait ages at the end of the night to get my coat!!!
  • Berkinhead Lot !!!!!

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