test Happy Hardcore Lovemobile at Streetparade 2013 (Switzerland) - 10th August 2013 **featuredimage1**

Happy Hardcore Lovemobile at Streetparade 2013 (Switzerland) - 10th August 2013

06 June 2013

Every year, roughly a million ravers gather around the lake of Zuerich and together they celebrate one of the biggest EDM parades: The Streetparade.
At this parade there are many Lovemobiles (party-floats) for the ravers to dance on. Most of those Lovemobiles are playing the more commercial styles of EDM.

This year, a group of Swiss Happy Hardcore Dj's, we will be a part of the Streetparade with their own Lovemobile! Driving under the theme 'Let's Rave Again!', we are
offering the Streetparade-Crowd an alternative to the more commercialized sounds at the parade, by playing harder and faster beats!

If you would like to be a part of this, then please support us! You can either order yourself a ticket and join us on our Lovemobile at the Streetparade or help us by donating.

All the necessary info's are available at:

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