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Fantazia The Big Bang 2 - 28th September 2013

31 May 2013

20 Years Ago Fantazia Held The Largest Ever Indoor Rave Event At The Secc In Glasgow, And What A Legendary Event It Was. The Video Topped The Video Charts With Awesome Performances From The Best Pa's & Dj's In The Country. Join Us As We Recapture The Atmosphere At Our Favourite Large Warehouse Venue In The Country, Bowlers.We Present A Line Up Of Epic Proportions To Celebrate This Monumental Occasion...And For The First Time We Join Forces With The Legendary Rezerection In The Main Arena... Prepare For Mayhem.....Prepare The Party Of The Decade.


Arena 1 - Fantazia & Rezerection - Old Skool

The Legends Of Dance -
Ttf - The Time Frequency Performing Live On Stage
Shades Of Rythym Live P.A
Q-Tex Live P.A
The Sl2 Experience (On A Ragga Tip / Way In My Brain)
(Dj Slipmatt Dj Lime And Mc Jay J)
Dj/Mc Mallorca Lee - Exclusive Ultrasonic Anthems Dj Set
Ratpack (Evenson Allen & Lipmaster Mark)
Top Buzz (Dj Jason Kaye & Mc Mad P)
Bass Generator & Mc Loco (Rezerection Classics)
Ellis Dee & Mc Magika (Big Bang Set)
Faydz & Twista & Mc Madman
Dream Frequency Live P.A Featuring Debbie Sharp
Easygroove & Mc Robbie Dee
Fastbuck & Mc Serge 6-7 Fantazia & Rez Kick Off Set

Main Arena 12Pm-6Pm
Sons Of Jacob Jungle Showcase Featuring
Dj Energy/Mc Ranger T/Mc Stixman/Mc Brasko
Dj Fallout & Mc Major Ranks (Fibre Optic Set)
Vinyljunkie & Mc Nrg (Warehouse Wax)
Dj Fx & Mc Loco (Rezerection Set)
Swifty (Labrynth Set)
Macca & Mc Lox (Club Kinetic Welsh Connection)
Andy Techno & Mc Hybo (Illusion Set)
Blackout & Mc Synergy (Dizstruxshon Set)

Arena 2 - Back By Dope Demand And Fantazia House Legends

Control Live P.A Percorming Come Dance With Me
(Im Your Ecstasy) Live On Stage...
N-Trance Dj Set
Brandon Block (Fantazia Album Set)
Rick Jones
Stu Allan
Absolute B2B Pete Monsoon
Mix Factory B2B Daz Willot
Butty B2B Recca
Rob Thurston B2B Marc Mackender
Mc Nitro Mc Domino Mc Irie Mc Smoke

Arena 3 - Totally Lost - Uk Hc / Classics

Dougal B2B Chris Unknown
(Essential Platinum & Quosh Classics)
Scott Brown B2B Marc Smith
(Evolution & Notorious Classics)
Gammer (Upfront Set)
Ramos (Classics Set)
Joey Riot (Upfront Set)
Jay Prescott (Tli Classics)
Kurt (Powerstomp Set)
System G & Mc Scotty G (Elevation - North East Showcase)
Mc Whizzkid, Mc Storm, Mc Sharkey, Mc Natz, Mc Thunda
Mc Mental, Mc Mitch

Arena 4 - Censored - Hardcore Techno / Classics

Dj Clarkee & Mc Sharkey (Area 51 Classics)
**This Is Clarkee's 1St Ever Appearance @ Fantazia**
Scorpio & Mc Ribbz (Upfront Set)
Dolphin & Mc Ezy (Early North Classics)
Deathmachine (Crossbreed / Core & Bass Set)
Ramos (Acid Techno Set)
Marc Smith (Rezerection Techno Set)
Smurf (Ggm Classic Terror Set)
Jay Prescott (Upfront Gabber Set)
Terror (Toxic Sickness Showcase)
Mcs Ribbz, Sharkey, Ezy, Reborn

Vip Exclusive Arena - Vip Ticket Holders Only

Clarkee Exclusive Old Skool Set
Trans4Mers Dj Set Featuring A Live P.A From Outo Snooze Performing 'Things Aint' With Live Vocals By Emily
Sons Of Jacob 90 Minute Jungle/Drum N Bass Showcase Featuring Dj Break / Tony Jay / Merri Maker & S.O.J Mc's
Mc Wizzy G (Retro Trax Resident Bringing The Hype On The Mic)
Stevie Berrington & Mc Madman Tom Wilson Tribute Set
Mudfoot Blaps & Mc Dean-E
Da Fox Dj Vinyldoctor
Smash & Mc Heddz
Dj Oni
Paul Willams
Midlands Breaks (Breakdown)
Simi Q Base
Chris Angels
Andy Wilson
T-Virus (Toxic Sickness - Tli)
Dj Yo Yo

Tickets On Sale Now - Limited Earlybirds So Be Quick
Earlybirds Standard Only £20 + B.Fee
Earlybird Vip Only £30 + B.Fee (Includes Q Jump - Vip Bar And Arena Access & Vip Trailor Tbc And Fantazia Lanyard With Laminated Dj Set Times Card)

Ticket And Coach Info To Follow

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