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Cool Breeze Radio Presents - One Vibe - June 15th, 2013

23 May 2013

From the creators of Cool Breeze Radio we are proud to bring to you our next event ONE VIBE at the mighty Twilight Night Club Norwich. As we come together once again and bring you our 3rd event of the year. 

One Vibe is a 100% Old School night not to be missed in East Anglia's finest new nightclub Twilight, with legends through out the years like the true master of the rave scene
Dreamscape/Raindance and Helterskelter legend 
The FLASHBACK Projects finest Dj FLASHBACK,
as well on the wheels of steels we have 
Londons Origin fm Dj the mighty Dj HYJACK, Cool Breeze Radio top dog Dj FORGE and The 
original Red Eye Dj JH and Tryptamine Bad Boy Dj SAM.I.AM aswell as Cool Breeze Radio and 
Destiny's DJ STEVO followed by Norwich Cities Old School legend DJ PRYMARK, And the MC 
FUNKTION (desire) mc flash back from a break This night is guaranteed to rock with BIG 
BASS/LIGHTS/ LASERS and complete 100% Old School Vibes.
£8 tickets, more on door 
....TICKETS NOW ON SALE contact the Cool Breeze Radio crew by facebook. 
Dress code smart looking and no hoodies 
Ticket Sellers: 
Scott 07597110604 - Cool Breeze Radio 
Alex 07881088094 - Ipswich 
Tristan 07881088098 - Bury St Edmunds 
Matt 07803782513 - Norwich 
Warren 07956378737 - Wroxham 
Kelly 07949433761 - Thetford 
Sound Clash Records 01603 761004 - Norwich
Event Page: - https://www.facebook.com/events/458322610912183/?ref=3 

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